About Us

The Yakima County Medical Society (YCMS) has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1901, with a defined mission to promote and preserve the highest standards of medical care and foster the ethical principles of the medical profession. Our mission is as important and timely today as it was then. The YCMS has a positive impact on the citizens of Yakima County in a myriad of ways and we are proud of our members’ continued efforts to ensure high quality and cost-effective medicine for our community.


Mission Statement

“Promote the art, science and delivery of medicine, and the betterment of the public health of the community through just legislation pertaining to medicine.”

The YCMS is a voluntary, non-profit organization of nearly 300 premier physicians in our county who strive to improve the access to health care in our community. Nearly 70% of physicians in Yakima County are members of the Yakima County Medical Society, including MD’s, DO’s and Physician Assistants.

Our most important function is advocacy for patients. Our physicians believe they are the primary advocates for patient access to health care, especially in this changing world of medical care delivery systems, and they work tirelessly to support patient rights.