YCMS 2011 Cardiac Issues Conference

- Posted on September 3rd, 2011

2011 Cardiac Issue Conference

 2011 Cardiac Issues Brochure

Download the Conference Presentations Here:

Geriatric Hearts ~ David W. Krueger, MD, FACC
DK – Geriatric Hearts

Diabetes & Heart Disease (Healthy Heart Project) ~ Rex Quaempts, MD & Robin John, PharmnD
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Cardiac Rehab & Heart Disease ~ Douglass A. Morrison, MD, PhD, FACC
Cardiac Rehabilitation 2011 

The Renal – Cardiac Connection ~ J. Hamilton Licht, MD
CARDIAC ISSUES Handout 111005

Obstructive Sleep Apnea & Heart Disease ~ Susan Rausch, MD
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‘TROPONINITIS” ~ A. Bush Preacher, MD
No Materials

 Exercise ECHO ~ Douglass Morrison, MD, PhD, FACC
Exercise Echocardiography

Interpreting Our Nuclear Interpretations ~ Erik Monick, MD
Not available yet

Lipid Tales ~ Nancy Mallahan, RN
Lipid Management ‘Pearls’

Heart Failure ~ Robert Ortiz, MD, FACC
CardiacIssues2011  Handout CHF2011

Diabetes ~ Cameron VanTassel, MSRD, BCADM
Diabetescardiac issues  

Pharma Update ~ Lani Steltz, PharmD
Cardiac Pharmacology Update PPT  Handout Cardiac Pharmacology Update PPT handouts

Pacemakers : Temporary – Permanent ~ Kevin P. Foley, MD, FACC
KPFCardiac Issues 2011

Autonomic Dysfunction : An Invisible Epidemic? ~ Geoffrey Greenberg, MD
Autonomic Dysfunction Talk

Palpitations – Schmalpitations ~ David W. Krueger, MD, FACC
Palpitations Schmalpitations Handout