YCMS connects local clinicians, advocates on their behalf, and facilitates mentorship.

Thus giving Tuesday (Nov 30th) YCMS wants to give back. So we invite community organizations and student groups to apply for funds below. Just like a scholarship, when you apply our board of trustees will meet to consider your request then, if approved, will award you the funds. No strings attached!

YCMS Funds Application (open now)

Is there an event your community organization or student group is putting together? YCMS can help!

We love our community and want to support local service projects or educational events. Our application is open to healthcare student groups looking to host events (community education, talks, documentary screenings) or to supplement their own education (healthy cooking classes, study aids, conferences) as well as community organizations hosting service projects.

Fill out the form below to apply for funds from YCMS.

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