2019 Officers
President | Alan Greenwald, MD
Immediate Past President | Dave Atteberry, MD

Vice-President | unfilled
Secretary-Treasurer | Kay Funk, MD
Trustee | Chase Livingston, DO
Trustee | Tom Boyd, MD
Trustee | Anita Showalter, DO
Resident Trustees | Tiffany Mark, MD
Student Trustees (OMS 2) | Hannah Udell
Student Trustee (OMS 1)| Chris Carbullido and Haley Heitzman

WSMA Delegates
Kay Funk, MD
Mark Joy, MD

YCMS Members on the WSMA Board of Trustees
Dave Krueger, MD (since Sep 2015)
Katina Rue, DO (Since Oct 2016)
Linda Dale, PA-C (since June 2016; Ex-Officio Washington Academy of Physician Assistants Liaison)


PO Box 706
Yakima, WA 98907
Ph. 509.969.5488