Have you considered the benefits of membership in the Yakima County Medical Society (YCMS)?

We actively lobby for legislation and government representation

As a member you are eligible for free services from WSMA legal staff

Come to our membership meetings and connect with your peers

Public education and continuing medical education

If you are insured with Physicians Insurance you will receive a rebate on your state dues

Yakima County Medical Society is “unified” with the Washington State Medical Association. That means that all YCMS members must join and pay dues to WSMA or the Washington Osteopathic Medical Society (WOMA). All WSMA members in Yakima County must join and pay dues to WSMA.

Process your payment through WSMA website: WSMA website

Yakima County Medical Society Dues

$150   Full Active Member

$75     Physician Assistant

$  0   Retired Physician

$  0   Resident Physician

Washington State Medical Association Dues

$535   Full active physicians

$317   Limited practice (fewer than 20 hours per week)

$293   Second year in medical practice

$  0   First year in medical practice

$100  Fully retired

$  0   Fully retired – emeritus

$  0   Resident / Fellow

$125   Physician assistant

$  0   WA State Medical / PA students

    • Students: Click the WSMA button above, scroll down to “Student,” and follow the steps to make an account

WSMA dues include a $25 contribution for the Washington State Medical Political Action Committee (WAMPAC) or WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization which supports improvements in the quality and delivery of health care services for all Washingtonians. Please select WAMPAC or WSMA Foundation to indicate where you’d like your contribution directed.  

Most WSMA members who are insured by Physicians Insurance receive a discount of $300 on their liability insurance premium. Call Physician Insurance at 206-343-7300 for details.