Each year YCMS brings together local physicians and medical students to facilitate life-changing relationships. Physicians share wisdom, insight, and encouragement to guide medical students through their education and beyond. Often times both mentors and mentees alike are surprised by how rewarding this relationship can be.

Our next event is coming THIS MAY 13th & will be held at Public House East right across from PNWU! Join us as we celebrate another year of student mentorship, meet fellow clinicians from a variety of specialties, & enjoy free food and drinks. What’s not to like?

This event is open to all physician/PA/resident members, clinician mentors, student mentees, and prospective clinician members!

For mentors, the time commitment is minimal but can have a huge impact!

Here’s what Abrielle Sheets, former student trustee and OMS, has to say of the program:


“Last year, I participated in the student-physician mentorship program and attended YCMS’ annual meeting. I was inspired by the program’s desire to bridge the gap between current and future doctors and was grateful to benefit from their efforts. I thoroughly appreciated having the opportunity to network with local community leaders while navigating my first year as a medical student; in the midst of exams and labs, having a physician mentor to encourage me, share insight, and help reset my perspective was invaluable. I strongly encourage others to participate as well!”